Friday, May 6, 2016

What is WhatsApp Last Seen?

As you use the WhatsApp platform you may have noticed a ‘last seen’ notice next to a particular contact in your WhatsApp group. You may be wondering what it means. As the name suggests, it means the last time that your contact was last on the WhatsApp platform. It is an indication of when the person last actively opened and used the WhatsApp application. However, there are few instances where the person’s device network connection or operating system will automatically connect to the platform without the person’s input. At such moments, the person checking out when the other person was seen online will assume that the time shown is actually accurate and yet the other person has not in actual sense been on the platform! This can cause unwanted tension as to what most of us know as ‘WhatsApp last seen Checker’ is bringing confusion by showing someone was actually active on the WhatsApp platform at a given time and yet they weren’t!
The same scenario may apply for the ‘online’ status. When you notice the ‘online’ status on your contact’s profile, it technically means that the person has actually opened their WhatsApp app and is connected to the internet. However, once again, this may not necessarily be the case which may cause you to wonder why messages sent are not being replied for example. There may be times when messages may be sent and delivered and the receiving party doesn’t read them even though they are actually online. This is where a double-check sign against the message comes into play as it is meant to indicate that a message has been read. Unfortunately, there are also instances when the other party receive a notification of the message sent and reads bits or all of it without actually opening which will not result in the double-check feature.