Friday, January 31, 2014

Where Sony Need to Improve?

This is the age of advancement of development. New technology is replacing the older ones but still there are areas which need a lot of improvement. This new advancement has taken the smartphone world into its whirl. This advancement has greatly improved the user experience and today we will talk about one of the leading smartphones manufacturer Sony and will talk about the areas where need to improve. Yes, still there are areas where Sony is not as good as other manufacturers and this may be the reason why Sony is not able to get better of the Samsung and HTC.

Today when everyone is using AMOLEDS and IPS LCD Sony is still using simple LCD panels. Though Sony have introduced a new triluminous technology but to be honest it still not as good as AMOLEDS. The major issue with Sony display is poor viewing angles and this has certainly pissed off many users. In order to analyze the issue with Sony display panels just put a Sammy device beside Sony Xperia device and you will notice how good Sammy display panels are. Well, colors may look artificial at times on AMOLEDS but overall performance is pretty good.

Now moving on to the next major issue with Sony devices, the loud speaker performance of Xperia devices is below par. Yes, this is true. Even a low end Nokia mobile has a better loud speaker performance than any other Waterproof Sony device. Well, you always have to pay some cost for some additional feature. But I am sure most of you do not want this waterproof feature at the cost of below par loudspeaker performance.

And if we take a close look then we will realize that Sony has done nothing to improve in this area. This is certainly quite annoying. It is the right time that Sony must sit down and think about these issues because they are very serious. 

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