Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nokia First Android Mobile: Nokia Normandy Specifications Leaked

These days it’s all about Nokia first Android Mobile; Nokia Normandy aka Nokia X. We have come across numerous leaks related to Nokia Normandy. Some of them has been quite inciting and the one we have to day for you will certainly incite you. According to famous Eveleaks, Nokia Normandy will come with a dual core processor. However, we still do not know the Soc but it is expected to be Qualcomms Snapdragon 200. The phone will come with 512MB RAM 4GB internal storage and 5 MP primary shooter. This device is supposed to be a dual sim device with 1500mAh battery.

Moreover, he also said that Nokia first Android mobile will come with Nokia’s own Nokia Store just like Amazon has its own store on all of its Amazon Kindle Fire devices. The good thing is that you can still install the third party apps without any issues.

This creates a lot of curiosity among most us. As we still do not know whether it is Android or Android without Google services. Well, we have never heard of Android without Google services and for this we will have to wait till Nokia’s event at MWC because Nokia Normandy is expected to be unveiled in that event.

Having said that many of the people on the Internet claimed that it is not an Android device rather a revamped Asha device. Nokia has not said anything on this yet. And this means that something is cooking inside. Whether it is revamped Asha OS or Android OS but it is clear now that Nokia is trying its best to look for a better and potentially good secondary OS apart from WP8 OS. People all around has a lot of hope from this new upcoming Nokia Normandy aka Nokia X device. And with the latest leaks and news the level of curiosity has increased manifold and now people are looking forward to MWC 2014 which is expected to take place next month.

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