Saturday, January 25, 2014

Keep Your Android Device Safe from Trojan.Droidpak

With the advancement and development as our security systems are getting better and better hackers are working on coming with viruses and malwares which could break into highly secured system. To be honest, it is not possible to come up with a system which could stand against the latest viruses and malwares. This is mainly because hackers are always improving their malwares and viruses.

Lately, we heard from Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller that almost 99% of malwares are targeted at Android. Your Android device can be injected with virus in many ways and one of the most popular way of injecting Android device with virus is through computer. Yes, you heard it right! Whenever you connect your device with your desktop or laptop there is possibility that your device might get injected with some malware of virus.

Symantec revealed a sneaky trick of infecting your mobile with virus. According to Symantec when you connect your Android with computer and sync it then a malware named, Trojan.Droidpak, creates a version of Goolge playstore as long as your device is in USB debugging mode.

Moreover, Symantec also revealed that this Trojan when installed in your device looks for the Korean Bank based application. This malware automatically deletes the official applications and create fake applications. This means next when you use the application for banking purpose in the infected device, your banking information is leaked.

This sound too serious but according to Symantec this can be avoided by following few important steps which as follow.
  1. 1.      Users must turn off the USB debugging mode of their Android device when not in use.
  2. 2.      Users must not synchronize their Android mobile device with unknown PC as this can result in some serious consequences.
  3. 3.      Users must install security software such as Norton Mobile Security in order to avoid this malware.

All of the above mentioned steps are very important. Hhowever, at times we tend to ignore installing mobile security applications just because we think they take extra space and RAM. Well, they do take some extra memory and RAM but at the same time they ensure that your device stay safe from such malwares and torjans.


  1. Come on - 99% of what?? Back in the Soviet Union almost everybody (read 99%) had some sort of work and some sort of income - close to nobody was granted freedom of speech and other basic rights. It's not that harsh with Apple but their security levels come at a price. Their iOS is just as vulnerable as Android, or have you ever read about a rooting method via a internet page in Android as this is possible with countless jailbreak methods on iOS? Please put a tad bit more reflection into your otherwise ok writings. Regards, Tom

  2. Well, you except it or not but it is true that IOS is much more secured than ANDROID.