Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sony Vaio Windows Phone to Hit Markets in May?

A lot of rumors are going around on the Internet regarding Sony Vaio Windows Phone. Few days back we heard that Sony is trying its best to launch the first WP8 mobile and for this they were discussing the possibility with Microsoft. And at the end it went well and it was decided that Microsoft will offer Sony 500m to manufacture at least one Sony Vaio Windows Phone.

According to the latest rumors Sony is planning to manufacture 2 Sony Vaio Windows Phone which will most probably hit the market at the end of May 2014. One of the device is supposed to be a high end WP8 mobile and other one is low end device which will target the developing markets like Asia.

Moreover, Sony has decided to go with the famous Xperia Omni balance design for the WP8 mobile. Sony design and build quality will definitely attract the users because at the moment there aren’t enough good looking devices. Though Nokia Lumia series is quite popular but Sony’s omni balance design will look much more attractive to the people.

From an insider the high end WP8 mobile from Sony will come with Snapdragon 800 quadcore processor and 1080p screen. At the moment, only Nokia is offering a quadcore device with 1080p device but it is more like a phablet. So, this new high end Sony device will certainly sell like hot cakes in the market. Moreover, Sony is planning to include some exclusive features like music unlimited and video unlimited. Since, there isn’t much to add in WP8 in form of customization so these exclusive feature will certainly play a very important role in the success of these new Sony Vaio windows phones.

We are not sure yet whether Sony Vaio Windows Phone will be successful or not but we know one thing that they will certainly raise the bar of competition in WP8 mobile market. At the moment we only see Nokia reigning the WP8 mobile industry and with time as more and more manufacturers will step in and take it seriously then we will certainly raise the bar of competition and we might see some great and quick improvement in WP8 OS itself.

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