Friday, January 24, 2014

Nokia First Android Mobile: Nokia Normandy to be Called Nokia X

We all know that Nokia is planning to launch Nokia First Android Mobile (if rumors are to be believed) to launch the first Android handset which is allegedly known as Nokia Normandy. Today, we heard from a famous insider Eveleaks that Nokia Normandy will be officially launched as Nokia X. His tweet was: “Nokia Normandy = Nokia X”. This possibly means that Nokia Normandy will be officially launched as Nokia X. Well, we cannot challenge his abilities because majority of his leaks are spot and this is the reason why he is so popular.

We even announced that if Nokia first Android phone; Nokia Normandy is ever going to be launched then it will be announced during the Mobile World Conference. Well, now Nokia has even planned its event for Mobile World Conference which is going to be held next month in Barcelona. So, one can expect that Nokia will certainly launch the Nokia X in this event.

After going through the leaks and looking at the images of the user interface it can be said that Nokia X runs on highly customized Android version which is going to be first of its kind. Moreover, we even know that Nokia Normandy is low end device running on Android KitKat 4.4 and FWVGA display with a normal screen resolution. We even know that Nokia First Android Mobile; Nokia Normandy is a dual sim mobile which will definitely be targeted for the developing markets like Asia where the demand for such cheap yet good mobiles with dual sim capabilities re very popular.

Nokia even released its financial report for Q4 2013 and it clearly showed that Nokia sale dropped significantly. The major concern is that Q4 was a holiday season (Christmas and New Year) and even then Nokia Lumia series failed to make huge profit. This is a clear sign that people are no too much excited by the WP8 and this is the time when Nokia must act in order to stay in the business. The loss in Q4 hints that Nokia is planning a backup to stay in the business and if we see around then Nokia Normandy aka Nokia X seems to be the perfect backup.

The interesting part is that we haven’t heard anything from Nokia yet. Even though there multiple leaks regarding Nokia X but still Nokia is silent and has not released single official statement. Does this mean something is cooking inside? Is it Nokia First Android Mobile? Or Nokia is busy in working on some new operating system which is Android look alike?

Having said that it seems quite hard to believe that Nokia will launch an Android phone after selling its mobile department to Microsoft. We know there are multiple questions in your mind and all doubts and questions will finally fall to rest after the Nokia’s event at MWC 2014 next month.

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